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Outlook settings for megamailservers users

Web MailYou can use webmail on any computer and any browser to access your emails.Webmail allows you to use any computerYou do not have to setup Outlook etc.Webmail Link: SettingsIMAP or POP (incoming) server: securemail2.megamailservers.comSMTP (outgoing) server: Port NumbersIMAP: 143POP: 110SMTP: 1025 or 25 Username: your email accountPassword: your email account passwordSMTP Authentication: EnabledSSL: Disabled […]

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Can’t receive email from some senders…

Problem: Outlook 2010 is not receiving emails from one specific person. Sender is in my address book; not in Spam or Junk folders.You may refer to the following methods for resolving your problem:Method 1: Virus-Scanner.An anti-virus causing interruptions in receiving mail from specific id considering it as spam.You may disable it and check.Method 2: Mails on […]

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5 Ways Website Maintenance Plans Can Boost Your SEO

Website Maintenance Plans Helps Your SEOImagine what would happen to your car if you never took it in for an oil change or a tune up. It might run okay for awhile, but before you know it, it would stop running. It’s the same with your website. If you don’t have a website maintenance plan, […]

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How to Verify Your Facebook Page

Why Do You Need to Verify Your Facebook Page?Verification of FB pages are not a requirement. However Verified Pages has following benefits:Your FB Page will show up higher in search results to attract more visitorsVerified badge lets visitors know your Facebook Page is authentic. Verifying a local business page adds a layer of legitimacy to […]

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3 Reasons to Avoid Cheap, Cookie-Cutter Websites

Budgets are always tight for small businesses and startups. Every dollar counts, so you must look for ways to save money wherever possible. When you’re going over the budget, however, take the long view of your needs rather than the quick and dirty view. Will the decisions you make now yield good results later on, […]

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