Our History & Our Location

Our History


Affordable Web Design and Marketing, Inc. has been incorporated in Virginia State in 1998 and has been serving small business owners throughout the United States since 1998. We are Virginia's premiere web development and online marketing company providing a full range of web services to fit any business model's needs. Providing Internet consulting, website development, online marketing, PPC, SEO and social media marketing, e-commerce applications, marketing automation, online reputation management, Google Suite applications, database development, and advanced media utilizing secure and efficient programming practices and high-technology.

Our Location

Based in USA. Designed in USA.  We can help you develop a successful web presence with the right blend of creative proposition and cutting edge technology.

Mailing Address:
Affordable Web Design and Marketing, Inc.
1405 S Fern St. #94743
Arlington, VA 22202 USA

Our Certifications


We have received Master Certification in SEO after completing Market Motive's intensive advanced-level training course. We are one of the few companies earned Master SEO Certification and we have devoted a lot of research and energy to mastering the art of uniting great web design with search engine optimization. In other words, we know how to make great websites that get noticed by search engines, and therefore, your potential clients.

Why Work With Us?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tricky, always-changing field that not all web developers are equipped to handle.  That is why we place so much emphasis on continuing research into the field so that we can make your website work for you!

  • We are an officially Certified SEO web development company
  • We have won the Gold Web Award from the American Association of Webmasters
  •  We have been designing great, search engine friendly websites since 1998
  • We have happy clients throughout the United States and in Europe.

We help companies to get more clients from their web sites since 1998!