How Hiring a Certified Internet Marketing Consultant Can Boost Your Business?


Google and other search engines employ a constantly shifting set of technical parameters and algorithms when ranking and displaying companies in their search results. Most business people do not have the time to study and monitor the ever changing SEO playbook. To dominate your niche, you’re going to want to make sure that you hire a certified SEO expert who understands and has good experience working with those considerations.

Top Ten Reasons To Hire a Certified Internet Marketing Consultant:

  1. You wouldn’t trust your eyes to a surgeon who wasn’t board certified. Eye surgery requires precision, specialized, ongoing training and experience. Search engine optimization also requires precision, specialized, ongoing training and experience in order to get the eyes of potential customers to your site. A certified SEO expert knows how to optimize your website so that it appears at the top of search engine results.
  2. SEO is a popular buzz word these days and unskilled freelancers are lining up at your door offering cheap services for automated “trash” services. Unless you hire a certified professional SEO consultant with proven results and an impressive portfolio, you may be wasting precious money and time.
  3. An uncertified consultant might be cheaper, but can you really afford to let your competition get all the clicks because the uncertified consultant didn’t do the work necessary to optimize your site?
  4. Search engines are constantly changing the way they scour through and display search results, so your business needs a certified search engine optimization expert who is immersed in and understands how those changes affect your website visibility every day.
  5. Internet Marketing is fiercely competitive and many websites on the same topic are all clamoring for attention. A certified internet marketing consultant can help your website stand out from the competition. You’ll want to be unique in order to increase your page rank but also because customers will be comparing sites and having the best presentation can be the difference between winning and losing.
  6. Help your business rise above tough economic times. When customers are pickier than ever about where they spend their money, a certified SEO expert can make sure your site is more visible, more enjoyable and easier to use than the competition.
  7. Don’t think of hiring an expert as an expense, think of it as an investment. A certified SEO expert can get you noticed, optimize your marketing image and help you stay ahead of the competition. The additional revenues will pay for themselves, and then some!
  8. Watch out! Unprofessional SEO tactics are shunned by search engines, which can make your site nearly invisible to customers. Don’t risk it! Get a certified search engine optimization professional to keep you out of those deep waters.
  9. The quest for the top never ends. Once you reach the top you need to protect your position. Because technology changes with lightning speed, you need a certified SEO consultant acting as a sentinel who will monitor for threats and changes and help you move into the future.
  10. Don’t waste your precious time trying to quickly learn the ropes of SEO tactics. Search engine optimization is a complex mixture of art and science that requires a lot of research and expertise.

Finding the right Certified SEO expert can be a daunting task. How can you ensure that the candidate you’re interviewing is the real deal? It all starts with knowing the right questions to ask!


Top Ten SEO Expert Interview Questions:

  1. What does SEO means to you? (Be on the lookout for the use of modern technical terms and ask them to define them for you.)
  2. How do search engines view and handle “meta refresh” tags?
  3. What is the difference between a “image title” and an “alt attribute”.
  4. How would you run a keyword research campaign? (This is a critical aspect of getting ahead of the competition.)
  5. What is your experience with link building?
  6. Describe you their take on forming a content strategy for a website. (Can they tell you what it is and how it works? Remember, the web image of your company is at stake.)
  7. How would you boost my website’s rank, and how would you determine what keyword, or set of keywords to use?
  8. How would you get video content to show up in a Google search?
  9. What tools and methods do you use to assess the competition’s website traffic and keywords?
  10. What methods do you use to determine how much social activity occurs on a website?

Armed with these questions, you’ll be able to spot a phony a mile away. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, samples, portfolios and a second interview. Your choice in candidate goes far beyond the money you are about to spend. Hiring the wrong person, an uncertified person, can cost you time and create undo embarrassment if your website isn’t presented professionally and uniquely!

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