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These days, small businesses in Virginia either thrive or suffer based on their internet presence. Many small business owners worry that engaging an internet marketing firm is too expensive during these tricky economic times, but the truth is that internet marketing is no longer a luxury—it is an absolute must. Here at Affordable Web Design, we have a proven track record of outfitting each of our clients with affordable internet marketing. Virginia businesses have been taking advantage of our expertise in the field since 1998. Having earned Qualified Google Advertising Professional status through our proven combination ofaffordable internet marketing services, we can offer our clients here in Virginia internet marketing that puts the power of Search Engine Optimization, social media and other strategies well within their price range for the best return on investment. Although it is impossible to guarantee a specific spot in search engine listings, research has shown that we have placed our clients’ sites on the first page of all major search engines ninety-nine percent of the time with our proven combination of “White Hat SEO” techniques.

Internet Marketing VA: The Affordable White Hat SEO Experts

We put our affordable internet marketing services to work for our clients so they can focus on doing what they do best. Our expertise in the following white hat techniques helps our clients get the most clicks for their internet marketing buck:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — Our SEO experts and experienced copywriters not only help our clients craft dynamic, call-to-action copy; they also research the right keywords and know how to write content that naturally and seamlessly integrates those search engine-grabbling keywords into the website text. We use this same expertise for writing press releases so that we can help our clients generate even more excitement in search engine results. We do not use “keyword stuffing” (a “black hat” SEO technique) because it’s shoddy, unprofessional and repels search engines.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising — We believe our clients shouldn’t have to pay for advertising they don’t use. This affordable internet marketing strategy creates an ad campaign where the host is only paid when someone actually clicks on the client’s advertisement.

Social Media Marketing Services — In addition to building stand-out websites that get noticed by the major search engines, we provide expert positioning of our clients’ websites within the explosion of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter; the new faces of internet marketing. Virginia businesses can take advantage of our social media expertise to drastically reduce their internet marketing costs while keeping their new websites more visible, in more places, by more people who are ready to try our clients’ products or services right now.

These are just some of the affordable internet marketing strategies we offer our clients as we build their dynamic, database-driven e-commerce websites. We also focus on link building, video marketing and email marketing and more. Our creativity, attention to detail, passion for cutting edge technology and commitment to creating websites our clients can be proud of are all devoted to keeping our clients’ clients coming back again and again. Contact us today for a free quote and be sure to ask us about how our affordable internet marketing services can send your website soaring.

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