Guidelines On Using Procreate Brushes For Logo Design

Getting the right kind of brush for your app is very important. You need to be careful not to just grab any brush, but one that will work well with the type of logo design you're working on. In this article, we'll go over some guidelines when it comes to selecting Procreate brushes and how they work with logos.

Procreate logo designs can range from anything to hand-drawn vintage lettering styles or even custom shapes in the style of a set pattern. It all depends on what type of logo design you want and what feels best for your client and business brand. However, there are ways to achieve these looks organically with textured brushes which are designed specifically for use within the app.

Here are several tips to consider during the logo design process which will make using these brushes much more effective.

To Know What Brushes For Procreate You're Buying

Some packs have three different sizes which are typically large, medium, and small. You'll want to use the larger versions for background textures or massive designs that need a quick touch-up. The smaller versions are perfect for detailed line-work and accenting specific design elements without it being too overbearing. However, there can be packs with brushes as small as 10px or less so keep this in mind before grabbing anything off the shelf.


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The price can vary from $1 to $100 depending on the type of brush

There are sets as cheap as $5 and as expensive as $20+ per pack. The more popular sets come with a nice bundle of different styles that work well together. So this is something you want to consider when purchasing multiple packs at once.

You'll want to make sure and see how many pieces and what size they come in before buying because some larger packs might not state if an image is a low res or high res. This is important if you plan on using these brushes to create large background textures throughout your work it's good practice to keep an eye out for this and ensure the quality is high enough.

Free Procreate Brushes Comes In A Variety Pack

It can cover glyphs, styles, simple shapes, or a more detailed line-art. So you might want to consider purchasing different packs that work well together so you have a nice selection at your arsenal.

Typically these come in black or white. However, you might want to consider the contrast against your work if it's too dark or light before purchasing a pack because some packs can have more of a grey tint which isn't always easy to work with.

Best Free Procreate Brushes Contain Different Types Of Strokes

Some come in an array of lines, while others are made up only of patterns and shapes. Some brushes may have more line-art that works well for logo-type designs, but others can be more detailed depending on how they were created. So this is something else you might want to keep in mind when deciding on your purchase options from specific companies.

Focus On The Best Procreate Brushes

 Always keep in mind how detailed the brushes should be, and whether or not this will look good on any other digital mediums. For example, if you're planning on making a simple line-art logo with text over it for use on Instagram then you don't need to be working with high-resolution images. But if you plan on selling physical prints of your work, then you'll want high-resolution artwork so it can maintain its clarity.  

There Are Many Free Brushes For Procreate To Choose From

You have to Procreate itself which is a great app, but you can also find tons of other third-party options out there with their unique styles. For example, I know Social Media Examiner has a few free packs in their social media image pack area that cover some nice line work for logo design purposes. 

You can check out Creative Market for a lot of Procreate Brushes to choose from!


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Logo designs are very important as they create the first impression about a brand before people decide to visit it. That's why every business owner and designer should ensure that their logos stand out and grab the attention of viewers. One way to make your logo design unique and creative is by using procreate brushes for logo design. It will take you around an hour to make your design look like a pro. Procreate brushes will give your work a unique look that cannot be achieved otherwise. Whether you're just starting out in digital art or already creating amazing pieces, Procreate's brushes are essential if you want to create something truly remarkable.

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