What is Web Hosting?

Most of the computers on the Internet are either personal computers or network workstations (you are likely using one of these) and large-scale Web servers. People use personal computers and workstations to access files, like Web pages, media files, documents, photos, etc., on the Internet. Those files must reside somewhere, and that ‘somewhere’ is on a computer called a Web server.

These computers communicate with one another around the world, which means your site can be seen by the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by numerous visitors at once. Your personal home or work computer can not handle this task, unless you upgrade the hardware to server-scale proportions and take the necessary steps with a high-bandwidth provider, securing an IP address, name server, etc. — expensive options not available to all users. Therefore, companies like Affordable Web Design, Inc. offer the service of Internet Web Hosting.

Web hosting allows your Web site to be connected to the Internet at high speed via a Web server so its information can be viewed globally through a browser at any time. A Web hosting company houses your Web site on its own secure servers, enabling you to affordably leverage the power of a high-speed network, 24/7 expert monitoring and support, and the best technology.

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