Why You Can’t Afford That Cheap Web Designer


Everybody loves a bargain. Getting something of great value for a low price is one of those awesome things that people talk about at parties and brag about on social media—until that face palm moment when…

  • The bargain plumber’s work bursts all over the second floor and gushes down the stairs.
  • Your kids’ toes are already playing peek-a-boo out of those bargain socks you bought 2 days ago.
  • Your buddy’s bargain oil change is now in a puddle on your garage floor.

The same goes for custom web designers. “Cheap” is a highly deceptive term; it really means you may not pay as much up front, but that you’ll be paying more (probably way more) in the future to fix extra problems, make up for lost time and wave goodbye to even more money than you would have spent in the first place had you had just gone with the best web designer you could budget for in the first place. If you own a small business you need a website. And you simply can’t afford to waste money on a “bargain” web designer. You’ve got to do your homework and budget accordingly to get the best web designer you can afford for your needs.

Here’s Why...

1. Think of your website as an employee

One that works 24/7 and is your company’s face to potential customers stopping by on their phones, tablets and desktops. Do you want that employee to be leaning idly on the counter with his finger up his nose, admiring his latest tattoo, or taking a snooze in the back room? That employee needs to be working, professional, attentive and focused on serving your customers. If your bargain basement custom web designer is inexperienced, unprofessional or just desperate to keep his flavor-of-the-day-latte habit funded with some barely-passable web design skills, you’re going to have a slacker website that turns customers off—way off. So then you’ve wasted a few thousand dollars on the slacker website while then having to pay even more money to “hire” a new website that actually gets the job done right. 

Get it done right the first time and it will actually save you money (and customers, and headaches) in the long run!

2. Here’s a little math on that “website employee” that might interest you.

Let’s say your custom web designer wants to charge you $30,000 to get that 24/7 “employee” up and running for the first three years. That may sound like a lot at first—until you compare that workhorse website to what you would pay an actual human employee. If your website were an actual person, he’d only be making $10,000/year. He’d be better off as a fry cook. Luckily, he doesn’t need health insurance, gas money or food because he’s “just” a website. See how inexpensive it really is to hire the best web designer the first time around?

3. Inexperience = downtime disaster when it comes to website design

So maybe your bargain website designer is sincere about building you a website, but she’s not very experienced and doesn’t know that the cheap plug-ins she’s using are going to cause a boat load of stability and security problems, not to mention customer-frustrating meltdowns.

4. And let’s talk about website security for a minute

Hacking, phishing, etc. are constant threats to every website on the web—including yours. The best web designers are going to have the industry experience and know-how and stay on top of the latest security threats, alerts, trends, and technology to keep your website, your resources and your customers and their information safe from the never-ending cavalcade of hackers out for an easy million. Inexperienced fly-by-night designers aren’t going to have that expertise and may be using risky code techniques that can leave you open to business-destroying security disasters.

5. Where’s the maintenance?

An inexperienced or bargain website designer may not be around when you need help on your website. You may need to update the blog, update your catalog, post new stuff, change your contact information, and deal with a security threat or a crash of some kind. Stuff happens, even to the best websites. You need to make sure you have an experienced custom website designer with a long track record of being there to handle their customer’s maintenance needs like clockwork. You don’t want to call the service number and find out it’s been “disconnected” when you have an urgent website issue to solve right this minute.

6. Website layout and design is not a one-time deal.

CMS core systems are updated at least monthly, if not more (these are like the patches on your computer or updates to your phone). When these updates happen, your layout needs to be updated accordingly too, otherwise your website can… well… break. Without constant updates, your website can also suffer even more security issues. Inexperienced, “cheap” web designers don’t factor these things in and you might be left with an expensive mess to have somebody else fix. Just hire the right web designer the first time and avoid this hassle!

7. Documentation? What documentation?

An inexperienced designer probably won’t even know this is necessary. Why does this matter? Because the best web designers adhere to a strict documentation system that tracks every meeting, every bit of code, all the plug-ins, every update and all discussions, research and maintenance records related to your website and what you need. This saves time, headaches and broken websites galore!Today a good website is as necessary to the success of your business is as water is to life on earth. The best website designers charge more because they have the expertise and resources you simply can’t find at bargain prices—resources that can bring in customers while saving you from very pricey Internet marketing disasters. Don’t go “cheap” on such an important part of your business, or you’ll find out fast just how expensive bargains really are.

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