Internet Marketing tips for Chiropractors

internet marketing tips for chiropractors

If you are a chiropractor, the Internet should be one of your best friends and marketing allies. The vast majority of adults search for health and wellness information online. That has been true for several years as people would surf for health information from their desktop computers. But now people are searching from their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as well. Many of these people may be on the road looking for an adjustment in their neighborhoods right now. You have an exciting message about health and wellness to share with your neighbors, but today it takes a lot of savvy to do that effectively. So here are a few critical Internet marketing tips for chiropractors:

SEO: The Central Nervous System of Internet Marketing for Chiropractors

If you go online right now to search through Google, Bing or Yahoo and type in “chiropractors in [your town name here],” does your practice show up on the list? How close to the top is your clinic listed? Are you even on the first page? If you are not on the first page you are missing out on one of the most critical pieces of the Internet marketing puzzle. More than 90% of people searching for a chiropractor in their area use search engines to find out what options they have that are close by. And these people almost never click through past the first page of search results. This is even truer if they are searching from a mobile device. So if you’re not there, potential patients don’t even realize you exist! This is why SEO is the first of our Internet marketing tips for chiropractors. What you need is to have your website “search-engine optimized” (SEO for short). Every aspect of your website needs to be designed, written and coded so that it is successful in the SEO department (meaning that it will get better results on search engines). This is an art and science that takes years to learn, so it is important to get a certified SEO expert on your Internet marketing team to make sure it happens right.

Localization and Improved Mobility

One of the critical elements of SEO is linking your services to your location, as noted above. You want people in your area to know where you are and that your services are available to them. You want to get your message out to these people first and foremost. Here at Affordable Web Design, we make sure that your website and business listings are claimed in the most effective directories and that the SEO for applications like Apple Maps and Google Maps is in force so that mobile device users can quickly and easily locate you.

Speaking of mobility, having a mobile-ready website is absolutely critical in today’s Internet marketing landscape. This is because more people are now surfing the web, looking for health information and businesses from their phones or tablets while they are out and about. In fact, more people surf the web via mobile than their old desktop computers at home or at work these days. What this means is that if your website does not look good on one of these devices (surf to your website from your phone and see what you find), potential patients are going to look elsewhere for services, even if your clinic is the best in town. And we aren’t kidding about that—mobile web surfers do not wait for a page to download. They will click away until they find one that is easy to use from their phone.

If you are looking at your website from your phone right now, is the type easy to read? Do you have to pinch and scroll to find what you want? How long did it take to load? If you felt flustered having to wait for your website, you can bet potential patients feel the same way. You need a mobile website. Yesterday.

Social Media for Chiropractors

This is closely intertwined with the necessary efforts to make sure your website is SEO ready, localized and mobile because so much of social media is now accessed from mobile devices. Also social media is a prime way in which people tell their friends and family about what matters to them and what businesses they like. Interestingly enough, health information is one of the most hotly-shared topics on social media, so make sure all of your social media efforts (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube, etc.) are synchronized and active.

Check in with social media each day to engage with your current patients. Post videos on YouTube about various spinal adjustment techniques or therapeutic exercises and their benefits, or any of the other services your office provides. Post videos about all kinds of health topics important to your patients and then share them on Facebook and Twitter so your patients and fans can share them over and over again with their friends and family! Word of mouth carries a lot of weight when it comes to choosing chiropractors!

Internet Marketing for Chiropractors: Get an Expert

Not just anyone can do a spinal adjustment. And not just anyone can run a successful Internet marketing, SEO and social media marketing campaign. Your focus is your customers and their health and well-being. Our expertise is Internet marketing and integrating it with all of your other marketing efforts in order to bring more patients into your office. Our certified SEO experts and mobile web designers have more than 15 years of experience getting Internet marketing results for our clients! We can help you get noticed! So contact Affordable Web Design today to bring your Internet marketing adjusted for optimal performance!

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