What is Integrated Marketing Service?

OK—so you have a website and a listing in the phone book. Maybe you have some brochures and business cards. And you have a really amazing product or service that your customers love. But… do you wish you had more customers and that your customers were more energized and enthused about telling their friends about you? If this describes your situation, it’s time to learn about how integrated marketing services can help your business blast forward with more leads and sales!

Here at Affordable Web Design, we always provide integrated marketing services for our clients. What this means is that we evaluate every single aspect of your marketing efforts and then—after extensive research into your market—we revamp all of your marketing efforts from the ground up so that they are;

a. All working together and presenting a unified message to your target audience and

b. Bringing in more customers who will make a purchase.

The first step in integrated marketing services is the research and evaluation phase. We sit down with you and look at everything you are currently doing:

  • Your website—is it responsive? Is it mobile? Is it customer friendly? Is it bringing in enough traffic? Is it search engine friendly? Are people coming and going without buying anything?
  • What is your visibility in the market? Can people easily find your business if they are searching for your products and services, or are they finding your competition first?
  • Advertisements—have you done any? How did they work?
  • One-on-One customer relationships—today, more than ever, integrated marketing means interactive marketing. In other words, how are your marketing efforts working to build and enhance your current customer relationships so that they stay loyal and are enthusiastically sharing you with their friends and family?
  • Special deals, sales, events, etc.: How are they working or not working?

During our initial discussions, we will evaluate these and other questions to find out your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your current marketing efforts. Then our integrated marketing services team will bolster the strengths while taking those weaknesses and turning them into sales! Our goal is to make sure each of these efforts are unified and working together to enhance your customers’ experiences and bring in new customers with money to spend.

Here at Affordable Web Design, we naturally focus very heavily on how your customers see you on the web. Because of constant changes to the way people use the web (e.g. more people will soon be surfing the web from their smartphones and other mobile devices than from their desktop computers), your marketing efforts need to be ready for that. Your website and marketing efforts overall need to be where the customers are looking, and right now their eyeballs are all trained on their mobile devices. So your potential customers need to have an immediately great experience from your mobile website or they will go elsewhere!

Our integrated marketing services also go for the SEO—search engine optimization. Because no matter where a potential customer is searching the web (at home, at work, in the parking lot, in the actual store, etc.) if they cannot find your business when they run a web search for your products, then you are essentially invisible. 90% of new customers find a business that way, so you need to be as high on the first page of search results as we can get you through our SEO efforts!

If your marketing efforts are not getting the results you want, contact Affordable Web Design today for a free consultation and see how our integrated marketing services start boosting your business!

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