Email Marketing Services

email marketing services

Email marketing is not one of the dead old fossils of the Internet marketing age—it’s one of the tough, adaptable crocodiles that has thrived in a constantly changing atmosphere. Although it hatched in the early days of the Internet, email marketing is still one of the sharpest tools any business has for maintaining continuing contact with customers, snagging qualified leads and enriching business relationships. Why?

  • 78% of online consumers have made a purchased by clicking on a link within an email!
  • Email marketing services are second only to search engine searches (when your website is  SEO savvy) in snagging qualified leads of ready-to-purchase customers
  • 75% of consumers rank email contact as their contact mode of preference with businesses they’re interested in.
  • Email marketing still far outperforms any type of social media when it comes to driving actual sales. (Social media marketing improves brand engagement, but email marketing is what generates the actual sales.)
  • The top activity performed on mobile devices is checking email; the “mobile inbox” is always on.

Our email marketing services are one of the cornerstones of any successful, well-rounded Internet marketing strategy, and they include a lot of options that we can configure to fit your business goals and needs.

Our Email Marketing Services Include:

There are several ways we can help you with our email marketing services. Keep in mind that we work with you to develop email marketing campaigns that are tailored to your needs and to add value for your customers so they keep coming back!

  • Setup email accounts and lists (with signature, display and link options)
  • Manage email lists (upload, import, segment into focus groups)
  • Integrate email links, forms and opt-in signups on your website
  • Create change-of-interest/profile links for customers
  • Setup “forward-to-a-friend” links
  • Write welcome letter targeted to new sign-ups
  • Develop a personalized “auto-responder” email
  • Collaborate on a monthly email newsletter campaign that draws in customers (you provide topics of interest to your customers and we write excellent content that encourages customers to act on the information)!
  • Recommend content for future newsletters
  • Schedule and distribute emails
  • Integrate the email marketing services with social media marketing efforts
  • Mobile-optimize all emails so they can be read and used on any device
  • Track open rates and clicks on links within the email.
  • Provide analytical data reports on how well campaigns and email marketing services are bringing in customers

Sample Email Marketing Cases

Here is one example of a monthly email newsletter and auto-responder campaign from a dentist’s office:

  • “11 Tips for Keeping Kids Cavity Free—And How This Helps Their Growth and Development”
  • “9 Secrets of Dental Implants—How They Turn Back Time and Turn up Smiles”
  • “End-of-Year Deductible Deals” (Remind patients to take advantage of end-of-the-year specials before the next insurance year starts.)
  • Refer a Friend—The automated referral process is a snap, and comes with treats!
  • Holiday deals and campaigns to express appreciation for your patients/customers.
  • The Miracle of Dental Implants—Living Longer, Living Happier
  • Existing Patient WOW—Remind patients when it’s time to schedule an appointment, or confirm existing appointments.
  • Call-in Lead Forms—An easy-to-use form gives receptionists the right questions to ask for every call coming into the office so that they never miss a chance to follow-up on potential prospects.

Even if you are not a dentist, there are literally hundreds of ways to run a successful email marketing campaign. For instance, if you are a chiropractor, articles like “5 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain” are great; if you run a restaurant, you can include interesting articles on your ingredients, history, chefs, etc. You can include links for special deals and coupons, even making these mobile friendly so customers can take advantage of them no matter what device they are using to check email.

Email Marketing Plans & Costs

Every email marketing campaign is different and depends on your target market, competitors and the email list you have. Having an adequate budget to work with ensures the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign and faster results. Minimum budget requirement is $650/month and will be different depending on your needs. Investing $10,000 in email can result in a far better payoff than investing $10,000 in other marketing channels.

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* We help companies to get more clients and make more money from their web sites since 1998!..

We help companies to get more clients from their web sites since 1998!