What Is Marketing Automation

What is IMS?

Integrated Marketing and Sales (IMS) creates a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with your brand. It combines all aspects of marketing communication such as: 

  • Digital marketing
  • Advertising
  • Sales promotion
  • Public relations
  • Direct marketing
  • Social media
  • And more

Through skillful coordination, we design a unified recipe of media, channels, methods, tactics and marketing activities that work together to boost your leads and sales. This process ensures that your marketing strategy, communications and messaging are:

  • Unified and consistent across all channels
  • Customer-focused

It’s All About the Customer

Customers don’t really care what your company wants, or who did what to create what marketing campaign.

Your customers want you to solve their problems, and they expect to have a great experience with whatever marketing effort you present to them.

Our IMS system helps sales and marketing work together in a coordinated, seamless effort to:

  • ​Identify the most promising customers
  • Craft targeted, high-quality campaigns
  • Help the sales team close more deals

Problem​: Lost Deals=Wasted Marketing Dollars

Consumers are constantly bombarded by marketing messages on social media, TV, the websites they visit, radio, PPC ads—the din from all of these messages only increases now that consumers are constantly attached to their smartphones and tablets. As the marketing noise increases, target audiences and their attention spans are more fragmented—and difficult to catch—than ever before.

You might create a great marketing campaign, but if it’s not getting through, it’s a waste of your time and marketing budget.

Solution: Integrated Marketing and Sales (IMS)

Integration is the only solution to market fragmentation. Our Integrated Marketing and Sales solutions use cutting edge technology, in-depth market research and a skillful combination of programming and Internet expertise, business acumen, digital marketing, content generation, distribution and business experience—accumulated over the last two decades of revolutionary advances in technology and marketing—to integrate your marketing and sales activities in new, more effective ways.

The Good news: We do most of the work and you just use the IMS system and apply the specific strategies we create for your business.


​Our Mission

IMS Solutions’ mission is to boost and optimize all of your marketing activities to generate more leads and sales. After a thorough audit of your current marketing plan and activities across the Internet, we will devise a customized marketing system for your business that includes 7 overarching steps:

1. Generate Leads

We start strong by optimizing all of your online marketing resources so they generate more qualified leads. This step includes:

  • Redesign your website
  • Set up and optimize your social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc.
  • Hone your market research & SWOT analysis
  • Fine-tune all SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts
  • Engage PPC efforts (Pay-per-click advertising on search engines)
  • Position Facebook ads to boost traffic to the website

2. Capture Lead Data

Informed marketing efforts are the most successful ones, so we gather essential lead and customer data with our unique lead-capturing Intelligent Marketing System (IMS) database. Our system synergizes insight from data collected from your website, Facebook page and other social media channels, as well as offline marketing channels including (but not limited to)

  • Incoming calls
  • Walk-ins
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Network Groups
  • Expo and trade show leads

3. Nurture Prospects

With this step, we make your sales team far more productive! Using the insight from our IMS, we track and monitor leads and start sending them useful information on the benefits of your products, tips, samples and testimonials to build a relationship of trust with them. We use the lead scoring system and behavioral intelligence tracked in our IMS to show you who the mature, ready-to-purchase leads are. This empowers your sales team to spend their precious time working with the hottest, most interested leads instead of spending hours playing phone tag with leads who may not be interested or not quite ready to jump in and purchase.

4 Make the Sale

When your lead is ready to become a client, we can schedule meetings and/or send them a proposal or estimate. Follow up emails and calls are organized by the IMS depending on the prospect’s behavior and, hopefully, you close the sale! If the sale doesn’t go through, this lead is funneled into another automation that can actually recover 15-20% of the “lost” business.

5. Deliver & Satisfy

Once the sale is won, the process of delivering the goods and onboarding the client begins. Nurturing this client relationship is essential! The IMS establishes proper communication, ensures that their needs are constantly met and monitored. A manager can connect with the client to get feedback, which can be recorded in the IMS. If the client is thrilled, you keep them happy. If not, the proper procedures can begin to make and keep that client happy.

6. Upsell

Happy clients are more likely to continue purchasing more goods and services from you because you have established a trust-based relationship with them. For example, if you have completed Office cleaning work for them, you can offer Hardwood Floor Waxing or Carpet Cleaning or Window Cleaning services.

7. Get Reviews & Referrals

IMS Integrated Marketing and Sales Consulting is unique; unlike other consulting companies, we treat this step as an essential, not just a perk. Because the majority of marketing activities take place on the Internet now, everything is transparent: happy clients can (but often don’t) post reviews, while unhappy clients may rant and rave for all their friends to see. This is why it is crucial to get every happy client to post their reviews and recommend you to their friends and neighbors. Our IMS makes this a priority. These referrals start out in the IMS at step one, but may only require a short lead nurturing cycle because they already trust the judgement of their friends.

Start making the most of your resources and get the qualified leads, sales and referrals you want! Contact IMS Solutions today and use the Integrated Marketing and Sales that gets results.

We help companies to get more clients from their web sites since 1998!