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There’s one thing we love about living in Virginia — everything. In fact, the history and culture of our great state is reflected in the team of our mobile web design company. Virginia has a long and varied history, yet is vibrant, modern and excitingly diverse. We have grown up here, studied here, lived and worked here for decades, so we have both feet firmly planted in this rich culture, and particularly within the small business culture of Virginia. This is a state of innovators who build new and exciting ideas on the foundations of past successes and failures. So if you are looking for a Virginia mobile web designer who really “gets” what it’s like to run a small business in Virginia, then Affordable Web Design and Marketing is ready for you.

In fact, our Virginia-native CEO built this company from a tiny start-up in the late 1990’s to where it is today. He and our team have been through all of the machinations of web design since the beginning—right here in Virginia. And just like all successful small businesses, we are constantly striving and innovating to stay ahead of the technology curve while never skimping on customer service. The one big constant in all of our years is that we stick with our customers, guiding them through the constantly shifting landscape of web design. In the past and present, our desktop business websites were designed to bring our clients new customers while keeping all the good old ones. Today, we are surfing the new paradigm as a mobile web design company. Virginia businesses can always count on the same excellent customer service, creativity and dedication they always enjoyed before—while getting the competitive advantage they need in a web world that is making the shift to the mobile web at blistering speed.

Our Virginia mobile web designer team urges other Virginia businesses to jump in and get their mobile websites up and running as fast as possible. The reason is this: by the end of this year, it is very likely that more people will be surfing the web—especially when searching for a product or a service—on their mobile devices than on their desktop computers. The trend is already visible everywhere you go. How often do you use your phone or tablet to look for local businesses when you are out and about? Our guess is that you do this increasingly often.

Now put yourself in your customers’ shoes—are they looking for your products or services while they are out and about? Yes. But if you only have a desktop-optimized website, it probably does not show up well on their mobile device. This is undoubtedly costing you customers, as people will literally wait only a second or two for a website to download on their phone before moving on to one that works better for them—even if they are already your customers! This is why you need our Virginia mobile web site design company on your team—today! If you still aren’t convinced, check out this mobile web design article!

As fellow long-time Virginians, we understand what other small businesses are going through and we make it our business to make your business thrive! We never outsource anything—everything we do for you is done right here in Virginia. Let our Virginia mobile web designer help you get your mobile website out in front of customers who are out and about, looking for your products and services right now!

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