Why Mobile Web Design is the Future?


So you want to know why mobile web design is the future? Try this: take out your mobile device. If you have a small business or any business with a website, navigate your way over to your website on your mobile device. What do you see? Is the print tiny? Can you find the links? How do the graphics show up? If your website is hard for you to look at or navigate on your mobile device, think for a minute how it appears to your customers and potential customers. In fact, you really don’t even have a minute to think about that; if a mobile customer tries to bring up a page on his or her phone and it takes more than a few seconds to load, or navigate, 80% of mobile users will move on to the next site without a second thought. Of course, this is a huge competitive advantage for the business that has the mobile website—but a major disadvantage in today’s world for the business without a mobile website.

Still wondering why mobile web design is the future?

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A few blogs ago, we quoted some statistics that showed that only 5 to 10 percent of small businesses actually have a mobile-optimized website. That was only a couple of months ago. Newer statistics show that about a quarter of American businesses have now jumped on the mobile website train. This means the window for leveraging your uniqueness as a business with a mobile website is narrowing, and fast. There’s still time, though. Try out one of our sample mobile websites. They’re clean, easy to download on a mobile device and help your customers buy what you’re selling.

So a mobile website will give your small business a significant competitive edge right now, partially because there still aren’t many small businesses that have one. There are even more advantages that prove why mobile web design is the future, though. First of all, within the next year, more people will be surfing and shopping from their mobile devices than their desktops. The American population, young and old, is devouring the convenience of having the Internet with them at all times via mobile devices. Also, the conversion rate from a page hit to a purchase on a mobile website is significant: recent statistics show that 90% of mobile website visitors take some sort of action on what they see when they bring up a site. 74% actually make a purchase! Of small businesses that do have mobile websites, 84% of them saw an increase in sales directly because of their mobile websites! Those are some pretty compelling numbers!

Now that you know why mobile web design is the future (now!), let our Mobile Web Design team help you get in on the action you need to keep your business strong. We will be happy to design you a free mobile website demo just to give you an idea of how awesome it can be to have a visually pleasing, useful mobile site for customers to use and buy from. But don’t wait much longer… new mobile websites are popping up daily. Let us help you make your new mobile website a huge success that gets results! Contact us today!

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