The Mobile Market is Growing: Is Your Business in the Game?


Currently, the demand (both in the consumer sector and in B2B markets) for useful, mobile-optimized websites that people can view and use on their smartphones and mobile devices far exceeds the supply. How many times have you tried to look a website up on your smartphone only to squint at the teeny, tiny print or fumble around trying to navigate with your pinky, only to accidentally activate a menu option that you had no intention of bringing up? Millions of other people—some of whom may be your very own customers—have had this same experience.

The mobile market is growing, and currently, there are more people looking for mobile-optimized websites than there are mobile-optimized websites to use. This is particularly true when it comes to small businesses—the very demographic that could most benefit from having a mobile website! In fact, while current estimates say smartphone web surfing will exceed desktop computer web surfing in the next few months, only 5%-10% of small businesses actually have a mobile-ready website.

If you are a small business owner, you cannot afford not to get a mobile website up and running as soon as possible. Here are two statistics recently gathered by the folks at Google that illustrate both the problem and the opportunity:

  • ​79% of mobile users who run into a non-mobile optimized website will quickly navigate to a competitor’s mobile-optimized website.
  • Even when mobile customers like your business, 50% of those consumers surveyed said they would not come back as often if they found a competing website that worked better on their mobile device.

So the problem for small business owners who do not have a mobile website is that their customers have no qualms about going over to the other guy if the other guy has a better mobile web site. The opportunity, however, is clear: because there are still so few small businesses with mobile-optimized websites, those who jump in now and get their mobile website up and running can snag those hungry mobile customers while they are out there looking for a good mobile website and get the jump on their competition. But time is of the essence: the mobile market is growing by leaps and bounds every single minute. Every day without a mobile website is costing you customers and sales.

Here at Affordable Web Design and Marketing, Inc., we can help. We have a team of experienced web developers, web marketing professionals and SEO experts who have not only been doing this since 1998, but we have a team that makes useful, amazing little mobile websites that get our customers noticed while their customers are out looking around. We are helping small businesses get their mobile websites up and running right now and are seeing some great results. If you run a small business, or even a non-profit or any other organization, we have a myriad of ideas and mobile website marketing strategies ready to customize for you. The local nature of using the web on a smartphone makes a mobile website an amazing marketing tool for small businesses, and the mobile market is growing, particularly in these areas:

  • Restaurants, coffee houses, bakeries, specialty food and grocery stores
  • Salons, spas, massage therapists
  • Church/religious organizations
  • Non-profit mobile marketing campaigns
  • Retail businesses of all kinds
  • Real estate agencies
  • Healthcare and fitness
  • Nightclubs, bars and entertainment venues
  • Many, many more!

This is an enormous opportunity for small businesses, and those with a mobile website already up and running are reporting amazing results: on average, an 84% increase in sales as a direct result of mobile website marketing efforts!

The time is now. Small business owners, the mobile market is growing—be a part of it today! Contact MobileWebSale here to get your mobile website in action before your competition beats you to it!​

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We help companies to get more clients from their web sites since 1998!