Marketing Automation Services


Marketing and Sales Funnel

  • The goal of our email marketing is to capture prospects and convert them into customers.
  • Your marginally interested, qualified prospects are at the starting point of the funnel.
  • This person is looking for information, but isn’t ready to talk to you or buy from you yet. If the only choice on your site is a buying choice, you lose these leads – there are no other options for them.
  • We will use SEO and advertising sources to attract new leads and effectively Fill Your Funnel and nurture your leads with smart email newsletters.
  • Seven stages above is extremely important for your sales.


We create and send automated emails based on a subscription date or any contact’s data (such as his or her Birthday). Choose any amount of time (hours or days) to wait until sending these emails.

marketing-automation-automated-seriesAutomated Series

We setup a series of events that should take place. You can also create your own automated sales force or create series of actions for customer retention. Powerful logic for creating a powerful flow of actions.

marketing-automation-behavior-trackingTrack Behaviors & Interests

We help connect your email campaigns, social marketing, and web site traffic. Understand how your contacts use all of these mediums and use the data for personalized campaigns.