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Navigational Projects add Key Points of Interest to the Localeze Data Repository.

local-database-expertsOur local database partner Localeze Intelligence team has been very busy recently working with the largest navigational/GPS client. This client has been rigorously testing and re-testing the quality of our anchor business listings (Name, Address, Phone or “NAP”) as they prepare to transition to exclusively using the Localeze Enhanced Business Registry. They went so far as to employ nationwide checkers to test the accuracy of our local business listings and the categories under which they fall, for them to verify its comprehensiveness and accuracy.

When consumers are on the go – commuting, on a business trip, running errands, while on vacation, going out with friends or dropping the kids at school; they need trusted information at their fingertips- enter Localeze. Points of Interest (POI’s) have become a must for navigational devices, giving mobile users a way to quickly find the location of a service they need en-route that they can navigate to, like a store, gas station or pharmacy.

The goal of the data intelligence team was to improve the category matches within our database with our client’s POI needs for the name, address and phone numbers of local businesses.

roller coaster newAmusement parks may have been classified as “Parks” or even “Farms” – causing a big problem when a parent is searching for “Amusement Parks” because the kids want to go to Knott’s Berry Farm to ride a rollercoaster, not to pick fruit.

Localeze says that “We are happy to report that our data passed the rigorous testing by our client and has been integrated into their POI, accessible through their website and on their newest GPS devices.” Overall the project resulted in re-categorizing and corroborating over 800,000 local business listing locations that now appear under POI in the client’s navigational devices.

As an added bonus for Localeze National Brands and the clients of the Authorized Channel Partners, Localeze is also providing their enhanced business listings to this and future navigational clients, which they will be using as they build out their POI features to stay ahead of the competition in the mobile GPS apps space.

The POI research and re-categorization was focused on key categories found in most GPS/Navigational devices that travelers have expressed interest in while they are on the road. Some of these are highlighted below.

POI Category Totals Pre and Post Re-Categorization

POI Category Totals

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