Follow the Eyeballs: C2C Marketing Services Keep Your Business in the Spotlight


Successful web marketing isn’t just about maintaining your website—essential as that still is. Today, successful web marketing is one giant saber dance with a thousand flying swords and people jumping all over the place. It is impossible to keep up with your business—the thing you do best (whether that’s running a pizza parlor, baking cupcakes, remodeling kitchens, designing jewelry or anything else)—without getting some professional help in the C2C marketing services arena. There is just too much going on. Fortunately, here at Affordable Web Design, that’s what we do best:

C2C Marketing Services: Going Where the Eyeballs Are

At its core, C2C (customer to customer) means harnessing word of mouth between customers. The term is often used to denote transactions like those that happen on eBay where one individual sells something to another individual through an auction, or other person-to-person transaction. But with the rise of social media and its mobile outlets, it also means getting your happy customers to share their happy experiences with your brand… with their friends and family. Judging from the numbers alone, buying little ads on Facebook doesn’t work. Nobody clicks on them. Developing a social media presence, however—and more importantly, helping you build a social media relationship with your customers is the heart of our C2C marketing services. Because right now, that is where nearly everybody seems to be spending their time: mobile social media.

Convert Conventional Word of Mouth into Digital Word of Mouth

Seriously, people cannot put their phones down because they have to tweet or status update their every single pizza topping or sock shopping trip to their internet social circle. This is a great opportunity for you to shine through C2C marketing services, but it takes a coordinated effort. First, you have to provide an exceptional experience for your customers—make them want to talk about your great products or services—build that positive relationship. Then we help by making sure you have the essential social media presence and a responsive web design website that converts easily to a mobile device and voila! Happy customers doing that happy word-of-mouth thing in your behalf over their phones, via tweets, status updates, etc.!

But that’s not all: As we discussed in a previous blog, the vast majority of customers still visit a website or make a purchase after first searching you out on a search engine (Google, Bing, what have you). But now, search engines are giving more and more weight to social media outlets in their search algorithms. This means that the stronger your social media presence, the more opportunities you have to improve your SEO profile when a customer searches for your stuff on Google or Bing—even if they’ve never seen your Facebook page! It’s an SEO double whammy.

Reputation Management is a Must

Of course, even the best of us have off days. Maybe you’re doing your best, but equipment breaks down or a supplier mess-up puts you behind schedule… or maybe you’ve done everything right and your customer just got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. It happens. While you are doing everything you can to repair the relationship on your end, we help with the electronic side of reputation management. This helps you turn lemons into lemon meringue cupcakes, C2C style!

Our C2C Marketing Services Enhance Your Customer Service Reputation

Our C2C marketing services really help you make the most of every positive interaction you have with clients while minimizing the damage that comes from those off days. By establishing your social media relationship with customers, you can get them to share their experiences with their friends with the hope of your business widening its sphere of influence exponentially!

Let us help you get out where the eyeballs are and start making the word-of-mouth mobile social media wave work for you. Contact us today at (703) 335-1819.

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