If You Have a Mobile Website, You can Enjoy the Benefits of Using QR Codes


Consumers by the millions continue to adopt the smartphone consumer lifestyle, and yet a shockingly small percentage of small businesses have a mobile website ready to snag those burgeoning numbers of customers. Since you are here, we assume you are serious about taking advantage of the competitive edge that mobile website design can bring your business. And one of the many exciting aspects of having a mobile website is making use of Quick Response or “QR” codes; those funny little square designs you see popping up on everything from magazine ads and cereal boxes to fliers and business cards. They’re also called “action codes” because they make it easy for consumers to take action after scanning them with their phones. While we develop your mobile website, we can also incorporate the benefits of using QR codes into your marketing plan.

How Does a QR Code Work?

Let’s say a smartphone user comes across one of these codes while reading a magazine. They can scan the QR code with their phone and it can automatically bring up a specific part of your mobile website with a special offer, video, contest or directions to your shop.


Benefits of Using QR Codes for the Customer

Having a mobile website and using QR codes with it can place a positive first impression of your business in the consumer’s mind. By incorporating QR codes into any kind of print media you use (business cards, magazine ads, coupons, fliers, signs) your customer doesn’t have to dial any numbers or even click anything to get where they want to go (or where you want them to go). They don’t have to fumble around for a notebook and pen to write down your URL, phone number or physical address. By making it easy for them to find the information they need, you save them time. These positive first impressions actually do bring people into your store. The numbers are telling: 94% of mobile users look for local information on their smart phones—66% of those people actually visit a business in person or online afterward.

Benefits of Using QR Codes for Small Businesses

Having a great mobile website design and using QR codes to bring people to it is a great way to get the word out about your business, improve customer experience and bring in more sales. Recent studies show that the use of QR codes by consumers to tap into mobile business websites has jumped by 50% over the past year. More specifically for small businesses, those that have a mobile website reported an 84% increase in sales—resulting directly from smartphone searches and action code scanning. You can’t afford to ignore these trends!

How Can My Business Tap into the Benefits of Using QR Codes?

Since QR codes (AKA action codes) need to be printed on something, this is an opportunity for your business to cast a broad net while keeping your message highly targeted. You can have QR codes printed in magazines, newspapers, local coupon publications, menus, business cards, direct mail, fliers, product packaging, signage, etc. When consumers scan the code with their smartphones, you can direct them to a special feature on your mobile website. For example:

  • Videos (product demos and how-to’s, entertainment, branding, behind-the-scenes looks)
  • Opt-in/sweepstakes/subscribe options (a great way to collect consumer information for further marketing)
  • Direct purchasing from the smartphone
  • Store locator
  • Coupons
  • Recipes
  • Make restaurant reservations/view menu
  • Downloads

QR Codes Give you a Competitive Edge

These are just a few of the options out there for small businesses with a mobile website. And these options present a real opportunity for small businesses with mobile websites. Since there are still so few small businesses even thinking about their mobile website design, let alone linking it with QR codes, your business can be first in line to net the customers who are already out there using their smartphones to search for products and services. But don’t hesitate—contact us today to get your mobile website up and running, QR codes and all!

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