5 Reasons Why Internet Marketing is Better than Print Advertising

Think your company can afford to skip online marketing? Think again. Internet marketing is essential for a successful business today. The benefits of web marketing over traditional advertising are numerous. Keep reading for five arguments that will make your business realize the value of Internet advertising.

1. Mobility


The number of devices which allow us to connect to the Internet is growing at a rapid pace. On a daily basis I use two laptop computers, a netbook, two smart phones, and one ipod, all of which give me instant access to the web. Nearly everywhere you turn people are tuning in and jumping on the technology bandwagon. 

No longer does a consumer have to sit in front of a computer to go online; rather they can browse the Internet from their IP-capable devices. The beauty of online marketing is that it goes wherever the consumer goes unlike traditional modes of advertisement. When compared with mobile devices, print newspapers can be cumbersome to people who are constantly on the go.

2. A Global Reach

People have access to the Internet almost anywhere in the world today. By marketing your products and services online, your business can reach a global audience. In traditional advertising campaigns, your reach is limited to local populations; couple this with a decline in circulation of local newspapers and you are faced with a significant decline in the number of consumers who will view your advertisement. With online marketing, you are able to reach a wider audience and also market specifically towards your consumer base (see reason 5).

3. Measurable Outcomes


Online marketing offers measurable results. There are several different types of online marketing to choose from making it easy to pick the option that will best suit your business and advertising needs.

 In particular, search engine optimization (SEO) allows one to measure the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns. SEO performance can be evaluated in four ways: indexation, backlinks, rankings, and traffic. Indexation metrics determines whether all of your website’s pages are being identified by a search engine; backlinks account for the number of internal and external links that are connected to your site; rankings measure the position of which your website appears on search engines when certain words or phrases are entered; and traffic measures the number of visitors to your site as a result of keyword searches.

4. Cost-Effectiveness


Marketing online is much cheaper than traditional advertising approaches. The price of newspaper advertisements can often fill up a company’s entire marketing budget and vary greatly depending on the region and newspaper the ad appears in.

For example, a full-page black and white ad in the Wall Street Journal’s National Edition costs around $164,000, while a half-page ad is around $96,000. In a smaller circulation newspaper such as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a full-page ad will run your company around $15,000. The costs drop significantly for local newspapers where many ads may run at $1,000. Despite which newspaper your business’ ad runs in, it is important to note that decreasing circulation numbers throughout the United States jeopardizes the reach of your ad campaign. In contrast, online marketing plans offered through professional Internet marketing companies can start at as little as $260 per month and has the potential to reach an unlimited number of consumers.

5. Targeted Audience


Traditional advertising campaigns are unable to offer precision marketing. Take, for example, mass mailings. If your company’s advertising department mails 10,000 fliers to local neighborhoods chances are only those individuals looking for your service will actually read the flier.

Everyone else will toss it into the “junk” mail pile. If only 2% of the population who received your flier is in the market for your service, 9,800 fliers will automatically end up in the garbage. 

 This waste of resources adds up quickly if you submit fliers for mailings every month. Internet marketing is vastly more effective when you consider its ability to target a specific segment of the population. If your company is a lawn care service, your marketing efforts should focus on people who are looking for mowers or landscapers. An Internet marketing firm can place your ads strategically on sites that would attract your desired customers. Marketing companies that employ Qualified Google Advertising Professionals can even focus on words that are related to your company and then index those keywords so when someone enter those phrases in a search engine, your ad will appear.

Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

When it comes to digital marketing, you can’t go wrong with hiring a marketing agency. A marketing agency helps companies create, implement, and monitor their marketing activities. They also help you come up with an internet marketing strategy or campaign. Examples of internet marketing include content marketing, email marketing, SEO, influencer marketing, and chatbot marketing.

Here are the good reasons to hire a digital marketing agency for your internet marketing campaign:

  • Laser Focus Services: Marketing agencies usually offer general digital marketing services with a key specialization, such as internet marketing. You can entrust your internet marketing strategies to the hands of experts such as SEO specialists, content writers, copywriters, and marketers of a marketing agency.
  • Save Time And Effort: Planning and implementing internet marketing campaigns entail comprehensive, analytical, and detailed work. A marketing agency can help save you time and effort. In that way, you can focus more on other important things you need to prioritize in your business. 
  • Access To Advanced Marketing Tools: If you don’t have the right marketing tools and techniques, you might realize your business goals longer than expected. A reputable marketing agency uses advanced tools and implements effective techniques and trends to help boost your internet marketing campaigns.

With advances in technology and the prevalence of the Internet in our everyday lives, can your company afford not to utilize Internet marketing techniques? When compared to traditional print advertisements, there is no question that web marketing just makes sense.

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