Charlie Fultz

I just recently took my lawn care, sports field, and landscape company full time this year after purchasing another company. I knew I needed a web presence in this 21st century, computerized society we live in. Affordable was recommended to me by the former owner of the company I purchased and it was the best recommendation he could make.

AWD has been great to work with and has helped me create the web presence I wanted. I am getting multiple inquiries and leads through my website on a weekly basis and it has helped me grow my company immensely in just a few short months. AWD made the entire process easy, and they were easy to work with in putting in changes and updates on the site. This is the web marketing I wanted to brand my company and put us on the map.

What I also liked about AWD was how user friendly my site is, both on regular computer use and on mobile technology. Sometimes you see websites that don’t cross over to phones or tablets very well, but that has never been the case with mine.

I really couldn’t be happier with how great my site looks, feels, and works. Thanks to Lewis and everyone at AWD for making my business stand out above the crown. It’s a great relationship and one I plan on maintaining now and in the future.

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