How to Reduce or Stop Spam?


Unfortunately there is still no magic answer and no silver bullet to get rid of all spam emails. There is no solution today that will guarantee you get only the email you want while at the same time guaranteeing that you will get all the email you want. All current solutions and spam filters risk both of the unwanted alternatives: letting some spam through and preventing legitimate mail from reaching you.

However you can reduce some of the spam emails with following tips;

1. SpamAssasin

In order to reduce the amount of incoming spam, we recommend using Spam Assassin or lowering the score in cpanel to be more strict for incoming messages:

Click here to learn How to Use Spamassasin

2. Box Trapper

A second alternative would be to use BoxTrapper. This software will ‘trap’ all incoming messages, then send a confirmation to the person sending you an email. They click a link to confirm that they are human, not a spam bot, then they are added to a whitelist and can send to you normally:

Click here to learn How to Use Box Trapper

3. Email Filtering

If you’re noticing that the messages tend to have similar senders, domains, subjects, etc, they can be blocked via Email Filtering.

4. Other Options

Other general guidelines for helping to reduce the amount of spam received can be seen in this Knowledge Base article:

How To Get Rid of Spam

5. Google Apps Email

Unfortunately, spammers are always trying to find ways to circumvent any spam-blocking software that is developed, so the constant arms race between spammers and spam-blocks can result in unpredictable spam amounts. If the tools provided by cPanel are simply not enough to stop the spam, you might consider using a third party spam filtering software or signing up for Google Apps email since they have much more comprehensive spam lists and have the benefit of having millions of people acting as spam filters via the “mark as spam” button, which can quickly get spam removed from all inboxes after enough flags.

Click here to Sign Up for Google Apps Business Class Email

6. Change Email Account

The most drastic action is the most sure-fire way to stop spam; change the name of the email account. Once spammers find an email address online and it makes it into a list, this list may be sold or shared with other spammers so that the amount of spam seems to grow exponentially. There’s no way to remove the email from their lists. The easiest way to do this would be to send out a notice to everyone that you’re changing email addresses, then create the new one to use instead and set up an auto-responder for the old one to remind people who email you that you’ve swapped emails.

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