Can’t receive email from some senders…

Problem: Outlook 2010 is not receiving emails from one specific person. Sender is in my address book; not in Spam or Junk folders.

You may refer to the following methods for resolving your problem:

Method 1: Virus-Scanner.
An anti-virus causing interruptions in receiving mail from specific id considering it as spam.
You may disable it and check.

Method 2: Mails on Other devices.
If your account is configured to other devices also, check them for mails from that sender, if present, the problem is with your profile. try creating a new one.

Method 3: Check for Blocked Contacts:
1. Go to home>> Junk>> Junk E-mail Options>> select Blocked Senders and remove. Just in case the sender has been blocked.

Method 4: Ask sender to check NDR(Non-delivery reports)
As this reports consist of information about why the mails are not sending and might assist you on the same.

Method 5: Message Rules
If you have applied any rules on your incoming messages that are preventing the sender from sending e-mail and moving the mail to a different folder or even deleting it.

Method 6: Outlook Web Access
There may be synchronization issues or profile being corrupted. thus use Outlook Web Access to check for mail availability in your mailbox.

Method 7: Internet Service Provider
Can also Contact with your ISP Administrator if your problem is not resolving, having some server issues.

Possible Solutions:

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