Secure Business Class Web Hosting


Web hosting server selection is one of the very important decisions for your business. The same way your customers depend on you to keep serving them, you depend on your server to keep running your business. You will need reliable, powerful, fast and a secure web hosting server for your business.

The old cliché of comparing apples to apples rings true. When you choose web hosting company, please compare the services they offer and make sure they really provide 24/7 Toll-Free Technical Support services. Only by doing that will you ensure that everyone is quoting the same and only then can you really see who is the best value Рwithout compromising on quality and reliability.

We offer high-performance, multi-processor RAID servers and flexible web hosting plans as follows. Please do not hesitate to call/e-mail us if you have any questions.


Small Biz Hosting
Corporate Hosting
Ecommerce Hosting
Small Biz HostingCorporate HostingEcommerce Hosting
Monthly Rates$24.95$34.95$49.95
Setup Fee$49.95-Waived!$49.95-Waived!$69.95-Waived!
POP E-mail AccountsYesYesYes
Setup in One DayYesYesYes
Web-Based E-mailYesYesYes
IMAP E-mail SystemYesYesYes
Anti-Virus Email SystemYesYesYes
High-Performance, Multi-processor RAID ServersYesYesYes
Anti-Spam FilterYesYesYes
Macromedia Dreamweaver SupportYesYesYes
Wordpress CMS SupportYesYesYes
Joomla CMS SupportYesYesYes
Flash Player SupportYesYesYes
Perl, CGI-BIN DirectoryYesYesYes
Unlimited E-mail forwardingYesYesYes
Unlimited E-mail
(Auto responders)
Data Base SupportYesYesYes
OS & Server SoftwareYesYesYes
FREE Domain Parking/ForwardingYesYesYes
Managed Server TechnologyYesYesYes
Password Protected DirectoriesYesYesYes
Audio / Video StreamingYesYesYes
OC-12/T3 ConnectivityYesYesYes
UPS & Generator BackupYesYesYes
Spam Blocking ServiceYesYesYes
Server Side Includes SupportYesYesYes
Security Updates, Monitoring and Intrusion DetectionYesYesYes
Tape BackupsYesYesYes
Use of BGP4 ProtocolYesYesYes
SONET TechnologyYesYesYes
XML SupportYesYesYes
CDONTS Mail Object ComponentYesYesYes
CGI and Java Scripts LibraryYesYesYes
Managed Load and Redistribution System (MLRS Technology)YesYesYes
Managed Load and Redistribution System (MLRS Technology)YesYesYes
MS Access DatabaseYesYesYes
ASP (Active Server Pages)YesYesYes
Web StatisticsYesYesYes
Access to server log filesYesYesYes
Unlimited FTP UpdatesYesYesYes
Shared SSL SupportYesYesYes
Private SSL Encryption (1)
(Requires certificate)
PHP SupportYesYesYes
MySQL Database ServerYesYesYes
ASP.NET SupportYesYesYes
Cold Fusion SupportYesYesYes
JSP SupportYesYesYes
Real Audio/Video SupportYesYesYes
Ruby On RailsYesYesYes
PHP 5YesYesYes
Image MagickYesYesYes
Spam AssassinYesYesYes
Catch Alls YesYesYes
Referrer LogsYesYesYes
Error LogsYesYesYes

* Hosting Terms and Agreement

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  • SSL Certificate – Requires 128 bit secure SSL certificate and installation.
  • Additional Disk Space (Hard Disk Storage) – 1000 MB is only $14.95/mo.
  • Monthly Transfer – 2000 MB is only $14.95/mo.
  • MS SQL Database Server – Separate Fee Applies. (MY SQL Hosting Details)