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Remember as you answer the following questions not to include any short-term promotions or offers.

Please note: If we do not receive the completed questionnaire within two weeks, or if you prefer not to complete it, we will proceed with the tone, style preferences and business strategies apparent on your website.

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1. What are some of your best selling items? (include links to your product page corresponding to each) 2. Describe your site and give a general explanation of the products/services you would like featured in this promotion, if any. 3. Please offer any industry specific synonyms for the products/services you are focusing on for this promotion that a person outside your industry might not be familiar with. Indicate which products/services the synonym goes with. 4. What policies/promotions (such as free shipping or a free gift with purchases over $x amount) help you stand out from your competition? Remember to list only those promotions that are part of a long-term strategy. 5. Your business’ promotional strategy: explain any unique offerings, brand names you want to promote, and your calls to action (i.e. call 1-800-xxx-xxxx for more information, etc.). Remember to list only those which are part of a long-term strategy. 6. Who is your target market (i.e. age group, demographics, male/female)? Please describe a typical customer. 7. Please describe the tone you would prefer the writer to use when composing the text. (i.e. sales, product-related, industry-detailed, witty, etc.) 8. Who is your competition (list URLs)? 9. If any of the following words are related to your sales strategy, please provide information as to how these words apply to your products or services: a. Wholesale b. Retail c. Discount d. Designer e. Personalized f. Customized g. New

h. Refurbished

i. Used

j. Resale

k. Homemade

l. Handmade

m. Antique

n. Any other words key to your business sales strategy? (please explain how each is important)

10. Please list any additional information and/or websites you believe might help us in our understanding of your products/services.